Drieghan Expansion - Black Desert Online

Drieghan release 14-11-2018

Drieghan is a new region which will be situated east of Kamasylvia. It is the home of dwarfs and giants. Despite of earlier rumors, the mountain area Drieghan won’t be an all snow area, though snow might be found on high mountains. If you are over level 58 and have completed the quest The Center of Kamasylve, you can receive a new (breadcrum) quest [Drieghan] A Letter from the Queen. […]


Getting a Miniature Elephant

  Do you want your own Miniature Elephant ? Where do I get one and how is it ? What’s it good for… here’s the answers. You get the Quests for the Miniature Elephant from Shakatu’s Villa in Valencia. It will cost you 40 million in Gold bars. (10 million in invitation fee and additional 30 million for the elephant) In addition to the cost you will get 2 gathering […]


Crafting for newbie’s

Crafting in Black Desert Online is build on an in-depth system that connects to all aspects of the game. It can be rather overwhelming when you just started the game. In this guide we help you to set up the basics for your future in BDO. Remember, everything you do in this sandbox game is for the long haul. Main or alts The first thing you have to decide is […]