17 May 2022
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    Final Fantasy 14 Online

    We started our chapter in FFXIV in January 2020. Our free company (FC) is level 30 and is about 190 members strong. We play on the Chaos datacenter on the world Spriggan. There are daily Duty Roulette runs, 24/7 FC buffs and the community is very active both during day and evening. Feel free to visit our headquarters, a large FC estate in Shirogane, Ward 11, plot 16. Interested in joining us? Apply on our Discord.
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    Guild Wars 2

    We have small chapter in Guild Wars 2 and are looking forward to the End of Dragons expansion. We are on the world Gandara and are currently recruiting. We aim to expand the current roster of 50 members to a maximum of 100 members. To apply visit our Discord.
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    Ashes of Creation

    Rebellicious is eagerly awaiting the release of Ashes of Creation. We have been looking forward to this game since 2017 and started our recruitment in April 2022. We will be playing the EU region. You can pre-order the game here.
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    Lost Ark

    We picked up Lost Ark in February, 8th, 2022 and are now recruiting. We play on EU West on Moonkeep and also have chapters on EU Central on the servers Thirain and Sirius. Interested in becoming a member? Apply on our Discord.

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About Rebellicious

Rebellicious is an international gaming community for 30plussers and was founded on April 8, 2016.  We play MMORPG’s on European game servers and are about 350 members strong (and still counting).
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