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    Final Fantasy 14 Online

    We started our chapter in FFXIV in January 2020. Our free company (FC) is level 30 and is about 165 members strong. We play on the Chaos datacenter on the world Spriggan. There are daily Duty Roulette runs, 24/7 FC buffs and the community is very active both during day and evening. Feel free to visit our headquarters, a large FC estate in Shirogane, Ward 11, plot 16. Interested in joining us? Apply on our Discord.
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    Guild Wars 2

    We have small chapter in Guild Wars 2 and are looking forward to the End of Dragons expansion. We are on the world Gandara and are currently recruiting. To apply visit our Discord.
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    Ashes of Creation

    Rebellicious is eagerly awaiting the release of Ashes of Creation. We have been looking forward to this game since 2017 and we will start recruiting for it as soon as beta dates are announced.
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    Battlefield 2042

    Battlefield 2042 has been picked up by some of our members when it released in November 2021. They team up on voice chat and if you are 30+ and looking for a nice squad to go to war with, feel free to apply on our Discord.
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    Some of our members enjoy playing this 1-4 man mix of a tactical-RPG and dungeon crawler and you are most welcome to join in on the fun. Matches usually take place in the evenings and on weekends. To become a member of Rebellicious, go to our Discord.

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About Rebellicious

Rebellicious is an international gaming community for 30plussers and was founded on April 8, 2016.  We play MMORPG’s on European game servers and are about 250 members strong (and still counting).

The games we play

Final Fantasy 14 is our main game with 160+ members on the roster. But we also play Guild Wars 2, Lost Ark, Gloomhaven, Battlefield, New World and Black Desert Online. We have currently inactive chapters in Elder Scrolls Online, Secret World Legends, Rift, Everquest II and Archeage Unchained – games we played in the past. In our future  is Ashes of Creation.

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Are you 30 years or older and ready to become a <REBEL> too? Apply for membership on Discord here. And no worries, we won’t grill you on voice chat. You just need to follow  a quick and simple text procedure.