death unto dawn

New Soundtrack FFXIV

The soundtrack for Shadowbringers patches 5.1 – 5.5. is called Death unto Dawn and will be released at September 15. The new album has 84 tracks and will cost 39,99 euro. You find this new and all the olders albums with soundtracks of Final Fantasy 14 on the Square Enix Music portal. The soundtracks of A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood and many more can be found on Spotify as well. […]


Matt Doyle new singer of UB40

Matt Doyle will be the new singer of UB40, the British reggae band has announced on their website. Frontman Duncan Campbell is stepping down for health reasons. The 63-year-old singer was already hospitalized with a stroke last year. The band therefore had to look for a replacement. Doyle is no stranger to UB40. The singer could previously be heard in the song You Don’t Call Anymore and went on tour […]


Podcast tip: This American Life

My first podcast tip can be none other than crowd pleaser This American Life that I was listening to before podcasts were a thing. The radio program was recommended to me by a friend who thought it was a great example of journalistic storytelling. The radio documentary program This American Life has been presented every week by Ira Glass since 1995. Over five hundred radio stations now carry the show, […]