The structure of our gaming community

Rebellicious was founded on April 8, 2016 in Black Desert Online. Over the years we have grown into a multi-game community with several active games at the same time. In setting up the structure and hierarchy, my main concern was to set it up in such a way that nobody gets burned out due to administrative guild tasks or even worse, gets caught up in power struggles and drama. Everybody – no matter what their role – should feel free to play whatever game they want and whenever they want to do it.  

As the community leader all administrative and policy tasks fall to me. That is the easiest way to prevent having to burden others, and it helps with the continuity of everything. Even if I am not playing, I still am available on Discord every day. Discord is our main communication tool for the whole community, and trumps game chat. Officers are hand picked by me, and usually are long time standing members of Rebellicious that I got to know pretty well and vice versa.

The tasks of officers are to approve new recruits that apply on Discord and depending on the game, be co-responsible for in game guild mechanics. In some games that might be picking up and turning in guild missions, turn on buffs or inviting the new recruits. However, where the game mechanics allow for it, we also will appoint veterans and/or members to be able to do most of those in game tasks as well. We feel that everyone should be able to start a buff or guild mission, and critical guild mechanics should not be totally depended on whether an officer is online.

Our events are player-driven

Our events are always player-driven. That means that our members don’t look to the officers to organize anything but are in charge of their own fun and gaming experience. Our Discord server is set up with an events channel that everybody can use. The member becomes the organizer and is responsible for the activity. Other members can sign up for the event. So whether if you want to run a weekly high end raid or just look for a one time party to clear some content: the power is yours.

The way we set our community up entails that some games may not have actively playing officers for a (short) period of time. This is normal for us and doesn’t prevent us from making sure that everything that needs to be done to allow for the members to enjoy the game’s guild mechanics, is actually done and taken care off. I keep taps on how things are going and will replace inactive officers with active ones if the game mechanics ask for it.

Rebellicious is a gaming community for older gamers. Our minimum age requirement is 30 years of age. We have a lot of players in their forties and fifties, and I think our oldest members currently are 70+. That means we are all adults, and should be fine with being responsible for our own gaming experience and fun. Our concept works great for us as it allows for a lot of freedom and we hardly ever encounter drama. Rebellicious has been active and booming since 2016.

However, here is the disclaimer. The way we do things is not for everybody. If you are the kind of player that needs to feel hierarchy in a guild, can’t function without having an officer present in game and/or craves power and position within our ranks, this is not the place to be. If you are the type of person that walks in and starts to ask for changes in how we do things, we also are not for you and you probably are better off starting your own guild.

But if you want to be part of a community where you can meet like-minded, older players, share laughter and banter, and play in your own pace and only do the things in a game you enjoy to do, we are probably a great fit for you.

Kind regards,
Community leader