The Guilded app

Guilded is  a free application for all devices that we use for voice and text chat, news, forums, events, rosters, sharing links, pictures, polls, videos and more. It looks a lot like Discord so it is easy to get used to, but Guilded has much more and better features. Using Guilded is mandatory to keep up with what is going on in our multigaming community. Members should check Guilded every time before they start gaming. You can opt to shut it down after you have read up on the lastest news. Officers must be on Guilded always while gaming.
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You can download the desktop application for your PC by surfing to and click on the bottom right menu. It is also available for mobile devices in the app stores for Android and i/Os.


Discord is our secondary app and only used for voice chat if for some reason we don’t use Guilded. Using voice chat is optional but if you are joining a raid, dungeon or other group event, you should be at least able to listen in so you can follow the instructions. Discord can be downloaded here.