The Guilded app

Rebellicious uses Guilded for voice and text chat. Guilded is  a free application for all devices that we use for  news, forums, events, rosters, sharing links, pictures, polls, videos, streaming and more. It looks a lot like Discord so it is easy to get used to, but Guilded has much more and better features.

As a member of Rebellicious you should already have Guilded because it hosts our application forms, forums and events since October 2018. If you haven’t used it for a while, please update your app to the latest version.

We still own a Discord server and sometimes gets used by some players of Black Desert Online but the new voice options of Guilded are much better. On Discord we post automated updates of Guilded in the text channels, which are read only.

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You can download the desktop application for your PC by surfing to and click on the bottom right menu. It is also available for mobile devices in the app stores for Android and i/Os.

Login issues

Guilded has been renewed over the last few months. If you used to login with Discord and have not answered their ongoing popup request on the old Guilded to add an email and password to your account, you might have locked yourself out. You can ask the development team to restore your account or you can apply again to Rebellicious. If you need a new e-mail address for it, we recommend protonmail.

Navigating Guilded

On the left side of the app you will find a double navigation menu, the first one starts with our logo, representing our home section where you will find everything concerning the whole guild and other non game specific content. Below it you will find all games we are playing, but you only will see the games you have a role for, so you don’t see games you are not playing or interested in. The second navigation shows the channels that are in that game section.

Each section has channels for text chat, forums, event calendars, media folders, documents and even to do lists. You can add polls, forms, gifs and media to text chat with the + sign next to the text input field. You can even add voice chat to it, by pressing the phone icon on the top right. The top right is also were you find pinned messages and get the option to mute certain channels if you don’t want to get notifications.

Going to the left bottom you will see the speech icon for your direct messages and icons for the communities you are a part of. On the right side you will find the member list. In the home section it shows all the members, in the game sections only the members that play or are interested in that game. On the right bottom you will find your activity overview, your personal profile and account settings. This is where you can set up your headset and voice settings, if you want email notifications etc.


Guilded is working fine already but it is still in beta, meaning the developers are still working to improve things and adding more features. In our home section we created a forum called Beta testing Guilded. If you come across issues, bugs or have ideas for missing features, you can post it there and we will communicate it to the Guilded development team. Because it is still in development, we recommend to restart the app daily to get the latest updates.


Note: Our Discord server has been deleted on 13-09-2019.