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Lucinda Riley, the author of the bestselling series The Seven Sisters, passed away on Friday at the age of 55. The seventh part of the series, The Seventh Sister, was released last month. After appearance it turned out that the ultimate mystery would only be unraveled in part eight. Whether that last part will come is unclear.

“We are very sorry to tell you that Lucinda passed away peacefully this morning, surrounded by her family, who were so important to her,” the family of Lucinda Riley opened a letter to her fans worldwide. Riley passed away on Friday surrounded by her family. “We realize that this will come as a huge shock to many, as most people didn’t know Lucinda had been suffering from cancer for four years.” Born in Ireland in 1966, Riley attended theater school in London at the age of fourteen. She started out as an actress, but when she had to take a break for a few months, she switched to writing books. She debuted with Lovers and Players as Lucinda Edmonds. The book was reasonably well received and a few more books would follow before the first part of De Zeven Zussen would appear in 2014. More than 25 million copies of the seven volumes have now been sold worldwide.

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