SE bans stream snipers Asmongold


Final Fantasy 14 is known for its friendly and helpful player community. Compared to many other MMOs, it is heaven on the virtual earth. The arrival of the always swearing and foul-mouthed streamer Asmongold with his huge following to FFXIV can therefore count on a lot of controversy.

But of course FFXIV did not just acquire such an excellent reputation in terms of player population by standing by idle. It has everything to do with their policies and their implementation by Square Enix. The user agreement states that any form of disrupting the gaming experience of other players can lead to the suspension and even termination of an account. And Square Enix takes that very seriously. And thus bad seeds are removed frequently.

This was also discovered last weekend by the FFXIV players who tried to hijack the first stream of Asmongold and seriously disrupted his playing experience. Square Enix has already sent out the first batch of suspension emails. Square Enix’s message to every FFXIV player, new or experienced, a refugee from World of Warcraft or from another game, is clear and unambiguous: play by the rules, live and let live, or get lost.

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