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The Make It Rain Campaign is back again in Final Fantasy 14 until August 11,  giving thrill-seekers the chance to earn 50% more Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP). You might want to save up some of that cash for the Regalia mount, a 4-seater car that is expected back as a reward for the event of September and cost 200.000 MGP when it was for the first (and only time) available in 2019.

The Make it Rain event starts in Uldah with a quest giver for characters of level 15 and up. The NPC stands across from the Grand Company and sends you to the Golden Saucer where you will be asked to put on your detective hat and solve a crime.

The rewards for the quest are a new emote and a voucher for free MGP. After that you can play all the games in the Golden Saucer and get 50% more currency. This also applies to your weekly challenge log.

The campaign attendant offers discounts on a range of incredible prizes, such as furnishings that allow you to play Gold Saucer mini-games in the comfort of your estate hall but also a lot of mounts, minions, glamours, emotes, music and housing items.

In the Golden Saucer you can play jumping puzzles, mahjong, triple triad and chocobo racing, and a bunch of small mini games. Once you have unlocked everything, you can access triple triad, chocobo racing and mahjong from your duty finder.

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