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With less than six months to go before Endwalker, the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14, launches it’s high time to get into this popular online multiplayer. Because Final Fantasy 14 online is in a class of its own. The 22 million+ players love their super-friendly community, the storyline, the music, the sheer volume and variety of playable content, and everyone is in love with the development team.

For newcomers, FFXIV can take some getting used to as it seamlessly combines the basics of a single player game with all aspects of multiplayer. The main story line (MSQ) quests not only guide you through all the game mechanics, but also put you as the hero at the center of this well-written story. The adventures you embark upon as the Warrior of Light with your friends from the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are accompanied by laughter and tears. If you’ve already watched videos with tips for starting players, you’ve probably already been advised to read and watch everything in the MSQ, and not skip any cut scenes.

The story is extremely important

That is valuable advice because the story is extremely important. But it’s also time consuming to play the story of A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers one after the other. That is why I advise you not to play 1 job (class) but several at the same time. In FFXIV you can level each role to 1 character. By simply switching your weapon, you switch to another job. The MSQ along with the job quests and the blue plus quests that introduce new content and game mechanics give you more than enough XP to play multiple jobs simultaneously and keep all roles at more or less the same level as you progress through the story.

Level multiple jobs at once in FFXIV

You can easily level a tank, a dps and a healer simultaneously. And if you want 4 for the price of 3, choose the Arcanist as one of your jobs. This is the only job that lets you level a magic dps and a healer simultaneously, no matter which one you play from level 30. The only downside is that you must first play 1 role to level 10 before you can start other jobs. Maybe you’ll need to pick up some side quests for the new jobs or do some fates (open world events) or leves (dailies) to get all the jobs you’ll doing the MSQ with the same level. Don’t forget to buy food from the vendors because every meal gives a 3% extra xp bonus.

Play a tank, healer and dps

The MSQ quickly leads you to the first of many (70+) dungeons. Now you can choose whether you enter the duty finder as a tank, healer or dps. That is not only great in the beginning of FFXIV, but also by the time you start the endgame at level 80. The dutyfinder works like a charm on every level and you will rarely encounter long waiting times even as a low level dps. But as a tank or healer you can often get started immediately. Tell people you are new and be surprised how kind and helpful everyone will be.

Try Final Fantasy 14 for free

FFXIV A Real Reborn and Heavensward are completely free to play as a trial. But if you’re sure the game is for you, consider pre-ordering Endwalker. The pre-order comes with an earring with 30% xp bonus that you can use immediately and for any job. But note the fine print. You will need at least the Online Starter Edition which includes A Realm Reborn and Heavensward to pre-order Endwalker. But to also be able to play Stormblood and Shadowbringers before Endwalker goes live on November 24, you will need to purchase the Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete Edition which includes all 4 expansions. After November 24, Endwalker will give access to all expansions.

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  1. Palace of the Dead works in chunks of 10 floors, with each chunk getting more difficult. Once you pass floor 50, you can start at floor 51 each time. They offer more experience and more of the player base at this level is also running these floors.

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