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Square Enix announced that in today’s patch they will implement a system to log out inactive players after 30 minutes in an attempt to ease server congestion. Although the performance of the servers is great as always, the huge influx of new players in Final Fantasy 14 has some down sides.  

More often then not, there are queues to enter the world of Eorzea. Usually they are small and only take a few minutes but especially in the evening at prime time, queues become over 750 player long and take up to 30 minutes. This happens on both the European and the North American data centers.  

Another side effect of the massive amount of new players is that during prime time it often shows all world temporary unavailable for character creation. This resolves itself often within an hour or two. No world is permanently unavailable to new players.

Last but not least, the travel between worlds on a data center is not working as intended and players end up in long queue to return to their home world.

Hopefully the new system to deal with inactive players will resolve the issues but it looks like Square Enix will simply have to add new worlds to house all the incoming sprouts pretty soon.

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