New World

New World open beta

Open beta for New World starts on Thursday September 9 at 16.00 hours (cest) and continue until Monday September 13 08.59 hours (cest). You don’t need to own the game to participate. Interested players will be able to request access beginning on Wednesday September 8 at 16.00 hours (cest) on the Steam store page where a new item will show up. It will look just like the Pre-Purchase New World […]



Final Fantasy XIV is bringing back its limited-time Final Fantasy XV crossover event A Nocturne for Heroes, and with it comes another chance for players to get the Regalia Type-F mount. The event starts September 13 and lasts until October 18. It will only be the second time this 4-seater mount has been available, with the first chance happening back in 2019. Players will need to be at least level […]


FFXIV games on PS Now

PlayStation Now is adding 5 Final Fantasy games, one each per month starting in September and running through January 2022. This kicks off September 7 with the launch of the original Final Fantasy VII (not the remake), with Final Fantasy VIII Remastered coming on October 5 and then Final Fantasy IX on November 2. After that, PS Now will welcome Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on December 7, with Final […]