FFXIV live shows announced

Final Fantasy 14 has announced the next Letter from the Producer LIVE for July 9 which will be part of the larger Special 14-hour broadcast. It is the 7th time Final Fantasy 14 is doing this long show. The show will be in Japanese but as usual the presentation slides will be in both English and Japanese. Special guests are Yosuke Saito, the producer, NieR Series and Yoko Taro, as […]


Level multiple jobs at once in FFXIV

With less than six months to go before Endwalker, the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14, launches it’s high time to get into this popular online multiplayer. Because Final Fantasy 14 online is in a class of its own. The 22 million+ players love their super-friendly community, the storyline, the music, the sheer volume and variety of playable content, and everyone is in love with the development team. For newcomers, […]


Podcast tip: This American Life

My first podcast tip can be none other than crowd pleaser This American Life that I was listening to before podcasts were a thing. The radio program was recommended to me by a friend who thought it was a great example of journalistic storytelling. The radio documentary program This American Life has been presented every week by Ira Glass since 1995. Over five hundred radio stations now carry the show, […]