Taming beasts

In Bless Online you can tame any beast in the open world to become your companion or your mount, from bunny to dragon, from mouse to giant. The taming skill has several different tiers of experience, and of course the higher you get, the better you get at taming. After you tamed a beast and it reaches  level 10, you can try to upgrade it to a higher tier to get skills that will give you buffs like more defence, attack power, moving speed or experience.

Crafting taming orders
Crafting taming orders

To start with taming you need taming orders. You get them as a reward from daily quests and they are craftable with the main craft skill enchanting. To make them, you will need a lot of stone, which you will start to come across around level 15.

Taming itself is a pretty easy mini game. Click your target and then click the taming order. You get a bar with a green area and a fast moving target with which you need to hit the green area several times in a row for a successful taming attempt.

Some of the possible companions

The harder the beast is to tame, the smaller the green area becomes. The times you have to hit the green area can also increase and is indicated by small dots above the bar. Taming beasts below your own level gives the best chance to actually tame the beast.

Levelling & upgrading
A companion levels when you summon it. You will need to feed it with special feed cans, you either can craft yourself with cooking or buy from the marketplace. You also can enhance a companion to level it up faster by merging it with another pet of the same type.

Upgrading a companion
Upgrading a companion

To upgrade a companion, you will need a companion of the same type. The exact same pet gives the best chance to achieve an upgrade. If it is levelled, it gives a higher chance then when it is level 1. If you fail, you build up a fail stack of +1% each time. You can’t build in definite fail stacks as there is a limited amount of attempts you get per pet.

We will upgrade this guide in the future as our experience with taming grows, but this should get you started with this fun skill.

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  1. Seeing you need alot of stone for making the taming orders it is good to have a nice farming spot. So far the best stone gathering stop I have found is @ the dimension gate. Just take the wyvern to ‘Arbitrators of the Abyss’ and run to the direction od the Dimension gate. In that area are about 15-20 nodes.

    The Dimension gate is at the left from Terny city.

    (there are probally more goos spots, I just havn’t found them yet).

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