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offers a huge map and currently six large regions. Each region has it’s own capital and towns with storage space, residences and workshops, which you all have to rent with contribution points or even spend real money on to get more storage space, more lodging for your workers and more slots in your horse stable. As the game is more of a sandbox then a theme park, you can go anywhere on any level and will return to all parts of the world no matter how high your level. So how do you choose your capital and how do set up your own empire in Black Desert Online?

There are a few things to consider. First of all, your life skills. Your family can’t cook and do alchemy in the same town: you will run out of storage space to keep all the needed ingredients. So you want a capital with transport available, decent connections and preferably other towns with storage close by. If a town offers good fishing waters for save AFK fishing, has an imperial fishing delivery service and enough room for AFK horse training are also important things to take into consideration.

Heidel Black Desert Online
Heidel in Serendia often is refered to as lagcity

A lot of people prefer Heidel. It is central on the map, it is in a low level area so they discover and get to know it early in their journey. It is also very very busy, not too convenient as to where important vendors and functions are located, the imperial vendor is in Glish or Veila which you will have to connect to sell your fish and if you don’t have a high end computer, it can become very, very laggy. Another thing to consider is how easy it is these day to level up a character. Your characters will out grow the mobs in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah fast. After level 58 you will end up grinding in either Valencia or Kamasylvia.

The capital of Rebellicious in

Part of Grana in Black Desert OnlineIn Rebellicious we use Grána as our main capital. Compared to the hardship that is Valencia, Kamasylvia is beautiful, poetic and lovely to explore. Getting around in Kamasylvia is also much easier then in Valencia. You can navigate and autopath, and there is transport between storages. You don’t need to worry about the desert debuffs and the distances are much smaller. The city of Grána has a nice shaped round centre where all functions are placed neatly together.

NPC's & functions in Grána
NPC’s & functions in Grána

Kamasylvia borders with Calpheon and the new region Drieghan (release 2018), and it is much closer to the seas of Margoria. Now of course every member is free to set up their empire as they see fit. Just know that even as a low level character, you can autopath to Grána or ask for a guild portal and set up your life skill facilities, and prevent having to move all your stuff around later. In Grána all buildings are either 8 or 11 CP to rent. This seems much but you can rent everything right away and don’t need a string of connecting buildings to get to the one you want.

There are a lot of good reasons as to why we picked the new region Kamasylvia as our to go place over any of the other area’s, and here they come.

Grinding in Kamasylvia

Where Valencia can be overall rather unforgiving when it comes to gear and level, Kamasylvia is the first region that combines mobs for lower geared players with mobs for high geared players. There are two area’s – Polly’s Forest (90 AP) and the Fadus Habitat (100 AP) – that are as easy as Helms, Sausans and Bashims but in general give better loot and around the same amount of experience. Those area’s are also a lot less contested as Sausans and Bashims, which means grinding is more efficient and relaxing. The Fadus come with 4 daily quests for 900 CP. In Kamasylvia you also get drops that can’t be found anywhere else like Peridot Leaf for your horse training, the latest elixirs and food, Voodoo dolls, Spirit Stones for extra buffs and Spirit Stone Fragments to craft your own elixirs with simple alchemy. For players of level 58 and up, Kamasylvia offers awesome and challenging spots for groups and even guild bosses. That means that we get to play much more together as a guild then in any other region.

Crafting, Storage and Housing in Grána

Grána 2 in Kamasylvia
Grána-2 house in the centre of town

If you plan on crafting your own everlasting ships and wagons, you will need workshops in Epheria Port in Calpheon and in Grána in Kamasylvia. Between Grána, Trent, Calpheon, Epheria Port and Keplan you have every workshop you’ll ever need. All of these towns come with storage, and there is storage in Old Wisdom Tree as well. If you would want to buy extra storage slots with pearls or loyalties, Calpheon gives the best value with adding extra slots to 3 and not only 2 storages. You can buy residences in Grána, Trent, Calpheon, Epheria Port and Keplan.
For example, I store my items for wagons in Grána and also do a bit of cooking there, for ships in Epheria port, I have my alchemy in Trent and major cooking in Calpheon and use Old Wisdom storage for items of both life skills I don’t use that often. The other storages over the world I use for the materials that come from production nodes, for processing, for loot items etc. If you are into housing: Grána offers the largest and most beautiful ones in the world.

Grana 2 on the map
Tip: Don’t pick Grána 1, 3 or 4 for your residence as those addresses have the horse ranch, the wagon and the wagon parts workshop. Grána 2 is a great pick as it is in the centre of town with the marketplace and the storage right around the corner.

Fishing, horse training & dailies in Grána

Kamsylvia is the only region where you can fish up treasure maps and items you need to train your T8 courser into a dream horse. The amount of relic shards and yellow fish is better then anywhere on land and perhaps only gets beaten by fishing in the vast seas of Margoria. If you want to train horses, there are a lot of routes within the save zone of the city.

In Grána is a fast round of 8 dailies that give you important materials for your wagon but also your everlasting Epheria ship, and 880 CP. Combined with the 4 dailies of the Fadus for 900 CP, you can get those dailies done within the hour and earn a steady 1780 CP a day. However, before you get the dailies, you need to do the regular quests and they don’t become available before level 58. Personally I find the dailies in Grána the best and easiest of all.

Trading and connecting to other towns

Connect all towns in Calpheon, Serendia & Balanos for 55 CP

Only if you are active in trading and making money with it, you will find a need to connect to all the other towns in Black Desert Online, and the city of Valencia in particular because of the trading buff (Artisan 2 trading). Since Kamasylvia is the latest area, the trading level is also very high and requires master 10 and up. If you are looking to level trading, use short routes between towns because it is the amount of items you trade, that gives you experience, not the distance you travel.

Grána Kamasylvia Black Desert Online
Centre of Grána with the market place to the left, the storage on the right and Grana-2 in the back.

Guild quests in Kamasylvia

There a guild quests for Fadus, Mushrooms in Polly’s Forest and Manshaums. The first two can be done by anyone with AP90/DP180. And the Manshaums best can be done in a party and by players with with AP180+ and DP220+. Gathering quests can be done in either Kamasylvia by higher levels or over the border in Calpheon for lower levels. For Fadus and Manshaums are also daily quests available.

Well, there you have it: the reasons why we set up camp in Kamasylvia. I hope this information helps you to set up your own empire and at least gives you an insight in our train of thought, and perhaps even into your future if you are new to Black Desert Online.

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