How to get a hedgehog pet

The hedgehog is a very popular pet in but up to recently, could only be obtained by buying the Amerigo’s Welcome Package for €44,00. While the pack might come in handy for new players as it also contains 16 inventory slots and a valuepack, the more seasoned player often only is interested in getting their hands on the pet. Good news for them, because now you can get a hedgehog for € 9,99. Well, that is if you bought the game through the BDO website and not through Steam as there is no gift option for Steamplayers.

The hedgehog not only increases the amount of life skill experience you earn but also and more importantly, it increases the amount of items you collect with gathering – but also with hunting – by about 25%. No wonder it is a popular pet amoung gatherers and those who are looking to build one of the Epheria ships. Like the desert fox, the buffs don’t stack if you have two or more of the same pet out. But if you breed the hedgehog, the percentage of extra loot will increase. To get the hedgehog you’ll need to create a second account and gift yourself the game for €9,99.

First things first
Create a new e-mailaccount, for example with or Don’t use your real name but something you could give away in the future, in case you decide to give your second account to a friend.

Main account
Now go to the BDO website and login on your main account. Go to the button ‘Order now’ on the homepage and select the gift the game option for 9,99 euro. Buy the gift package. Go into your account on the BDO website (topmenu) and copy the giftcode to a notepad document. Logout of the BDO website.

New account
On the BDO website, click on register and create a new account with your new e-mailaddress and a new password. Save your new credentials in a notepad document, so you don’t forget them. Go into your new account on the BDO website (topmenu.) Click on the button redeem code after where it says free trial and past the gift code from notepad in the field and press enter. Now open the game and login with your new e-mail and password. Create a character that is easy to level, like a witch. Level your new toon to 30.

Tips to fast level
After the tutorial, follow the story questline up to Edan and the Ancient Stone Chamber, otherwise you won’t get the enchant options from the Black Spirit. Then run to Veila and sell the attendance rewards you got on the market place. Run to Heidel and pick up your money. On the Market Place, buy or create a +7 weapon and buy some armor. Go to P, tasks and get your combat experience buff. Now go kill mobs at Morretti Plantation, Castle  Ruins and Bloody Monastry and get to 30 in no time.

Claiming your pet
After a few hours, go into the account of the main account and claim your reward. Don’t forget to also redeem the code you get! So there are 2 steps to take before the hedgehog gets send to your in game e-mail. If you want to get more then 1 hedgehog to breed them, repeat all the steps.

Happy gathering!

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