Getting a Miniature Elephant


Do you want your own Miniature Elephant ?

Where do I get one and how is it ? What’s it good for… here’s the answers.

Map Velia – Shakatu Villa

You get the Quests for the Miniature Elephant from Shakatu’s Villa in Valencia. It will cost you 40 million in Gold bars. (10 million in invitation fee and additional 30 million for the elephant) In addition to the cost you will get 2 gathering quests, and those are gathering 20 bottles of river water and 100 weeds which you will feed to the Elephant.

Once at the Shakatu Villa you have to pay the first 10 million to the Villa keeper (Dumaham) to get in, and inside the villa you will speak to the Butler-NPC (Serazad) who gives you a quest ”Especially Adorable Elephant” and he then redirects you to go to Shakatu Town to speak with the Boss, Shakatu himself for a rearing permission to get the elephant. You must also pay the remaining 30 million to the Boss to get his permission. When this is over and done with it’s time to return to the Shakatu Villa for the 2 gathering quests.

The whereabouts of the Boss Shakatu in Shakatu Town
Shakatu Villa

The first quest (Freshly Scooped Cool Water) is gathering 20 bottles of river water, so it is a good idea to bring 20 empty bottles. You can not bring 20 already filled up with river water since they will not be accepted.It is possible to fill up the bottles from the small pool inside the Villa, or you can go to Shakatu to fill them up in the lake there. When having all the bottles filled, you return to Shakatu’s Villa and feed them to the elephant in the yard.

The Shakatu Villa Butler – Serazad
Gathering River Water in the Villa’s Pool

  The second quest (Freshly Prepared Fodder) is gathering 100 weeds. This will take a bit longer simply because there aren’t that many bushes to gather from closeby. It’s possible to run around and gather from what bushes there are, or one can go to Shakatu Farmland and gather from the crops there. When the gathering is completed you will return to the Villa to feed the Elephant in the yard with the weeds.

Feeding the Elephant in the Villa’s yard

When the gathering quests are completed you will recieve your final quest (Owner of a Special Elephant) from the Villa Butler Serazad, who will send you to the stablekeeper in Shakatu town (Batirma) to pick up your Miniature Elephant voucher which he left there for you. You can claim your Elephant from any Stablekeeper…. preferably do this in your ”hometown” since it is a very long run with a very slow elephant if you claim it in Shakatu.

Training the Elephant.
There really is not much difference between the Elephant and a horse… they train in the same way and you feed both carrots when the stamina is running low. The skills you will get while training are totally RNG, but the Elephant skills will come at 100%, so there is no additional training like one has to do with the horses. The maximum level of the Elephant is 15.

How is it ?
Well, the elephant is generally quite slow and has very poor turning radius. It takes some time to start running and the braking is only acceptable… doesn’t sound very good, does it?

However, the Elehant has its positive traits as well, and the skills improves the Elephants performance quite a lot. It is absolutely adorably cute and it can litterary carry a ton (1200LT when level 15) of goods, and the weight doesn’t seem to bother it the least as it maintains its speed, even when heavily overloaded. Furthermore it has 16 slots for cargo. Tests showed that it will maintain the running speed up until 170% carry weight, but all other skills sieze to work over 100%. Note that when the Elephant is overloaded, it will drain its energy much faster.

It also maintain the running speed in the desert, so the Elephant is great for traders, especially when trading reaches Valencia and Arehaza Town.

How fast is it… well, with the Quick Run skill it is OK, it’s faster than a wagon, but horses will easily outrun the Elephant. Without the Quick Run skill it is painfully slow.

Can I improve the Elephant ?
Yes, with a bit of luck with the skills, the speed and the handling of the Elephant can improve dramatically. What you want is primarily Quick Run and Joyride to boost the speed, in total you have 8 different skills the Elephant can learn.

Available skills, sorted after desirability

  1. Quick Run  (Saddle Required)
  2. Joyride       (Saddle Required)
  3. Quick Start  (Mask Required)
  4. Quick Turn
  5. Side Steps
  6. Quick Halt
  7. Rampage    (Stirrups Required)
  8. Fore Chop
Charlene, the cutest Elephant

Quick Run is about the same skill as one get on the Camel… the Elephant run faster but you have to run manually by pressing Shift + W. Joyride is equal to Instant Acceleration, press and hold F to activate. Quick turn allows your Elephant to turn in a tight circle while running…. This improves the turning radius while running dramatically.

Quick Start and Quick Halt are obviously to improve start and stop. Quick Start resemble the horse’s “Charge” skill, but without the braking, and of course it’s not to attack enemies.

The other available skills are Side Steps, Rampage, Side Steps and Fore Chop. Side Steps is exactly the same as the horse skill, Rampage is the equivalent of ”Roar” it gives you a health and MP Recovery of +19, but it can also be used to swiftly turn your elephant around while it stands still on its hind legs. Turning from standstill is otherwise a pain in the *** to do.

Fore Chop is actually a totally useless skill for the Elephant since its purely a graphical show off… it does no damage at all to enemies, you cannot even kill a Grass Beetle if stomping on it.

Available Equipment
There are some equipment for the Elephant and they are Armor, Saddle Stirrups and Mask. For some reason there are no shoes available today, even though the Elephant has a slot for shoes. The available equipment comes in 2 seies, “Small Leather” which can be manufactured at Horse Gear Workshops… and the “Muzika” gear which can be manufactured at Stonetail Horse Ranch in Mediah.

I want one more Elephant…

Shakatu – The Boss of Shakatu Town

If you want one more Elephant, then you have to visit the Boss in Shakatu, recieve and complete a quest where you have to hand in 20 Calpheon Trade Seals, (do Trade quests in Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon territory to get the seals) and pay an additional 20 million in 100G Goldbars. For a third Elephant the required quest will be killing 1200 Gahaz Bandits + the 20 million in Goldbars.

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