Drieghan release 14-11-2018

Drieghan Expansion - Black Desert Online

Drieghan is a new region which will be situated east of Kamasylvia. It is the home of dwarfs and giants. Despite of earlier rumors, the mountain area Drieghan won’t be an all snow area, though snow might be found on high mountains. If you are over level 58 and have completed the quest The Center of Kamasylve, you can receive a new (breadcrum) quest [Drieghan] A Letter from the Queen. Drieghan was released in Korea on 8 March 2018 without a new class.

Drieghan can be accessed through roads from Old Wisdom Tree in Kamasylvia and through Closed Western Gateway in Calpheon. Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan, is a city on a high mountain that features stunning rocky cliffs and waterfalls. The lore reveals Drieghan’s connection to Serendia, Calpheon, and Kamasylvia as well.

Confirmed new features

The total amount of exp needed to gain additional CP will decrease when your CP is below 500 and a new system called “the Union” and a new season for Conquest War will be added along with the Drieghan update. There are hot springs in Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan. There are indoor hot springs and outdoor hot springs, and you can get a special buff when you enter the hot springs.

Grinding spots

There will be at least three new grinding spots: Sherekhan’s Grave (level60+/230AP), Red Wolf Village (59+/190AP), and the Tshira Ruins (level58+/200AP). All these spots have Marni Stones.

Tshira Ruins will have the same difficulty as Crescent Shrine and will have Gatekeepers as well. The Pupil of the Ruin Ring is a yellow accessory dropped in Tshirah Ruins. It has 5 AP and 2 Accuracy, and once enhanced, both AP and Accuracy increase by 3 and Max HP by 25. Its stats make it a superior to Ring of Crescent Guardian with additional HP effects, and it has 20~20 AP, 12 Accuracy, and +130 Max HP once enhanced to PEN.

Red Wolf Village will be as hard as Basilisk Den, and the monsters will drop The Ring of Gaktum’s Obedience, a blue accessory that can be looted in the Red Wolf Den. It has 5 AP, 2 Aaccuracy, and +1 Additional Damage to Monsters. When enhanced, AP and Accuracy increase by 2 and Additional Damage to Monsters by 1, which makes it a better item than Mark of Shadow but not as good as Ring of Crescent Guardian.. If you destroy the small jails in the area, a powerful monster will be summoned.

Sherekhan’s Grave is a grind spot that has different monsters in day and night. When the sun is up, the monsters will be as strong as the monsters in Pila Ku. At night, the monsters will be as strong as Laytenn. The monsters are very powerful and have dynamic patterns, and grinding in the area will feel more like PvP. The Orkinrad’s Belt is a yellow accessory that can be looted in this difficult grinding spot. It has 7 AP, 2 Accuracy, and has both AP and Accuracy increase by 2, DP by 1, and Max HP by 25 when enhanced. Its AP may be high at its base level, but its enhancement increase rate is rather low, having 3 less AP than Belt of Basilisk when enhanced to PEN. Because of this, Orkingrad’s Belt can be seen as an item for a PvP balance set with DP and HP, along with moderate AP. As for DP, all the Damage Reduction and Evasion is applied as just Evasion.

There is one thing special about Orkinrad’s Belt; you can gain this item not only by looting but also by putting them together. You can randomly get Orkinrad Shard – Metal Ornament & Leather Knot when you are grinding in the Grave of Sherekan, and putting these items together will give you the belt.

All monsters in Drieghan will drop materials for the Dragon Slayer.

World Boss

The new boss monster, Gamos the Red Dragon, will not drop new weapons but will drop a material that can reform boss off-hand weapons. You can get a new item called Heart of Gamos by killing Gamos, and you can Process the item with “Reversed Energy”, which is also a new item, to get “Reversed Heart of Gamos”. A Reversed Heart of Gamos can be used to reform Nouver/Kutum off-hands to Blazing Nouver/Kutum off-hands with 100% succes rate.
Blazing Nouver/Kutum off-hands will have some additional stats (Max HP +150, Max Stamina +100, Special Attack Evasion +10%) but will not have any more AP. Other new items you can get from Gamis are Gamos’ Scale, which is a material for a new crystal, and a special item for hatching a dragon’s egg. A baby dragon can be your new companion in your adventure.

New Awakening weapon

The new Awakening weapon is a craftable weapon called the “Dragon Slayer”. The Dragon Slayer’s minimum AP is lower by 2 than that of Dandelion weapon, and the maximum AP is the same. The Dragon Slayer also has +5 additional damage to humans. The materials for the Dragon Slayer can be collected at different grind spots including the grind spots in Drieghan. The Dragon Slayer can be crafted in Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan. In order to restore the max durability, you can either use Memory Fragments or use a new item called Refined Remains of Black Energy.

Set Magic Crystals

3 Sets of Magic Crystals can be obtained as optional rewards once you complete all of the 2nd main quests for Drieghan. You can also get them as loot drops by grinding; Set Magic Crystal – Gervish is dropped in Red Wolf Village, Khalk Canyon, and Tshira Ruins. As for Set Magic Crystal – Makalod and Hum, they are dropped in Sherekhan’s Grave.

Set Magic Crystals can be equipped in all sockets and give you the set effects when 2 or 4 Set Magic Crystals are socketed. However, 1 Set Magic Crystal does not have its own item effect so in order to get the Set Magic Crystal’s effect, you must use more than 2.

There are 3 types of Set Magic Crystals: Set Magic Crystal – Gervish, Set Magic Crystal – Makalod, Set Magic Crystal – Hum, and each holds different Set Effects. Also, a Set Magic Crystal’s effect will be applied only when socketed with the same crystals.

As for Set Magic Crystal – Gervish, socketing 2 of them will increase Critical Hit and Movement Speed Enhancement will increase by 1 level and give you Weight Limit +75 LT. Socketing 4 Set Magic Crystals – Gervish will give you the 2-Set Effect along with Combat EXP Gain +5% and Skill EXP Gain +3%.

As for Set Magic Crystal – Makalod, socketing 2 will give you All AP +5 , Max Stamina +100, and All Accuracy +4 . Socketing 4 Set Magic Crystals – Makalod will give you the 2-Set Effect along with Combat EXP +5% and Ignore All Resistance +3%.

As for Set Magic Crystal – Hum, socketing 2 will give you All Damage Reduction +5 , Max HP +150, All Evasion +4. Socketing 4 Set Magic Crystals – Hum will give you the 2-Set Effect along with All Accuracy +8 and All Resistance +3%.

Ahkum Armor Set

The Ahkum Armor Set is obtainable anywhere in Drieghan. This set can be closely compared to the Lemoria Armor Set, which was added along with the Kamasylvia expansion. It is commonly accepted that the Ahkum Armor Set is better than the Lemoria Set, because Ahkum Armor pieces have 2 crystal slots while Lemoria Armor pieces have only 1 slot. In addition, the Ahkum Armor set can be Reformed to become a Yellow Armor Set.

Unlike the Lemoria Armor Set, which has a set bonus with Liverto weapons, the Ahkum Armor Set has a set bonus with any Blue Awakening weapons. The set bonuses are All Evasion +5 (3 pieces), Max HP +150, All Damage Reduction +5 (4 pieces), and All AP +7 (5 pieces).

Other stats including DP are not much different from the stats for Lemoria Armor. However, an unreformed Ahkum piece has lower stats compared to Lemoria (at PEN).

Life skills

Another update coming along with the new region is improvements on the Processing system and a gathering mini game. Currently, you can only Process one item at a time. But with the new Processing tool, Magical Manos Processing Stone, you can Process multiple items at once. The Magical Manos Processing Stones are obtainable by Manufacturing, and different materials including Manos Stones are required. Magical Manos Processing Stones have different types based on the types of Processing, and will decrease large quantity Processing time when enhanced.

Magical Manos Processing Stones can Process 10 materials at a time. The time it takes will be the same as the time it takes to Process 1 material 10 times. Magical Manos Processing Stone can be enhanced up to +15 using Black Stones (Weapon). It will use Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Weapon) from PRI to PEN. Max durability can be repaired with the same item or with Memory Fragments. If you Enhance the Magical Manos Processing Stone, you can Process a greater amount of materials at a time. (35 at max) However, the time it takes will still be the same as the time it takes to Process 1 Material 10 times.

Along with the new region Drieghan, a new gathering too, the Magical Manos Hoe, and a special gatherable herb called Lakiahro have been added. Lakiahro can be found anywhere in Drieghan, and you need to equip the Magical Manos Hoe to start the mini game for gathering Lakiahro. Some byproducts of the mini game are Black Crystal Shards and the “Traces of x” items. A Magical Manos Hoe can be crafted with one Shining Steel Hoe, 50 Magical Shards, 15 Metal Solvents, and one Manos Stone via Processing-Manufacture. Materials other than Magical Shards are easy to get. A Shining Steel Hoe can be crafted in a Tier 3 Tool Workshop with 1 Maple Timber, 2 Steel, 1 Pure Iron Shard, and 5 Black Stone Powder. Metal Solvents can be crafted via Alchemy with 1 Pure Liquid Reagent, 3 Melted Iron Shards, 4 Rough Stones, and 2 Traces of Savagery. Lastly, Manos Stones can be purchased from an NPC vendor. Magical Shards are the ones that are hard to get. To get the Magical Shards, you have to heat tens of yellow grade Black Magic Crystals. Magical Shards are also the material for the Manos Processing Stone, which is a tool for Processing large quantities of materials at a time.

The base max durability of the Magical Manos Hoe is 50. It can be enhanced with Black Stones (Weapon) and Concentrated Magical Black Stones (Weapon), and the max durability will increase as the enhancement level goes up. Also, an enhanced Magical Manos Hoe will make the gathering mini game easier by granting more chances or right/left clicks and less damage for the root. Max durability can be repaired with the same item or with Memory Fragments. One Memory Fragment will repair 1 durability point, and the max durability will be more than 100 in high enhancement levels.

If you cannot craft a Magical Manos Hoe but still want to try the mini game, you can get two “trial” hoes by completing a quest given by NPC Doster, the node manager at Duvencrune Farm. You can get two of “Doster’s Hoe” by completing his quests. Doster’s Hoe is a trial hoe which cannot be repaired and will do more damage to the roots. But the durability of the hoe is 100, so you will only be able to gather about 10 Lakiahros using the trial hoes.

The goal of the mini game is to clear out all the soil or to find all the roots within a 12*12 tile. You need to click on the tiles carefully so that you do not damage any roots, and the durability of the Manos Hoe will decrease when you click on a rock.

There are five grades for Lakiahro: Young, Thin, Thick, High-Quality, and Primal. The reward will go up as the grade goes up, and a perfect (100%) Primal Lakiahro can be sold for 100 million silver. Each Lakiahro has a different color around it based on its grade, so you will be able to identify its grade from a distance as well.

Food and Elixers

Release date: 14 november 2018

Drieghan is launched in Korea at 8 March 2018. NA/EU waited 6 months for Margoria, 9 for Kamasylvia I and 4 for Kamasylvia II and 9 months for Drieghan.


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