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This guide to dailies in Kamasylvia has four chapters: easy and fast quests in Grána, Fishing for logs and an advanced cooking utensil, kill quests you can solo and of course the best kill quests for parties. If you do them all, you can earn a whooping 4.280 contribution experience per day.  As of 7 February 2018 a lot of dailies also give some combat and skill experience. At level 58 you get around 0.10% combat experience for a daily in this area.

Grána, Kamasylvia Dailies for Materials & CP

Rewards: 880 CP, Merindora’s element (2), Pine Coated Plywood (18) or Enchanted Flax (18).

Quest givers in Grána
Quest givers in Grána

Most of the dailies in Grána not only give CP but also some of the materials that are needed to craft the Peridot Wagon and the Epheria Fregat. Except Merindora’s quests, they all give 120 CP and Pine Coated Plywood (3) or Enchanted Flax (3). Make sure to bring the following items: empty bottles and 1 Balenos, 1 Calpheon, 1 Mediah, 1 Serendia and 1 Valencian meal.  These quests take about  15 – 20 minutes to do.

  1. Start at Stable Master Hyachint who wants you to run over the bridge, pick up a crate and return it to him.
  2. Now go into the Liberary through the main entrance. Talk to the Liberian who wants you to go fetch one of the close by villagers to return a book. Take the stairs and go out the side entrance. Talk to the villager for quest 4 and to the Papu for quest 7 but don’t do them yet. First bring in the villager with the book, who is standing near the side door of the Library and then go to Saphia Doucete to pick up quest 3.
  3. Saphia Doucet wants you to play a tune on a flute at Arnatte. You need 1 spare CP point to rent the flute from Arnatte. She also has another daily for you. Task: move left and right with your mouse and avoid the musical notes for 20 seconds. Don’t forget to unequipe the flute to return it and to equipe both your main and off hand weapon (and costume parts) again. After you picked up Arnatte’s daily quest for the musical spirit, move on to doing quest 4.
  4. Villager next to the Library wants you to kill some boars and bring back an item.
  5. Go to Merindora in Grána and pick up the 2 dailies. One of them just requires turning in either1 Balenos, Calpheon, Mediah, Serendia or Valencian meal. Turn that in right away.
  6. Now cross the street and move down the path the little lake/riverside down there. On the left (east) side of the shore, talk to the musical spirit of Arnatte.
  7. Now fill the bottle with water like the Papu wants you to and filter it into purified water.
  8. Now go to Lake Flonder for Merindora’s second quest. Go first to the quest area next to the node on the map and pick up the golden egg. Set an autopath to the second quest area on the map and walk it to the NPC. Watch out: the delivery spot can change.  You now can go back to Grána and do you turn in’s or pick up the fishing quests in Lake Flonder

Fishing in Lake Flonder, Kamasylvia

Rewards: 200 CP, Steamed fish, Advanced Cooking Utensil, 50 logs, Lifeskill or combat 15% elixir.

After you finish 3 regular fishing quests in Lake Flonder, you can talk to both otters on each side of the lake and they will give a quest each. One for a 1 Goby Minnow (white) and one for 1 Swiri, a yellow fish. Both can be caught pretty easy at the marked quest spot.

Solo Kill Quests

Rewards: 1300 CP / 10 Peridot Leaf / 30 potions / 2 Griffon’s Elixer / 2 Spirit Elixers

Shady Tree Forest
Jensen in Shady Tree Forest asks you to kill 8 poachers. Go to the spot it bit further away near the road for easy killing.
Reward 200 CP, 5 Peridot Leaf, 10 potions.

His friend Arteedman wants you to kill Lapis Lazul Tree Spirits and Bizons, and some Red beak devourers in Shady Tree Forest.
Reward 200 CP, 5 Peridot Leaf, 10 potions.

Archer Guard Post / Loopy Tree Forest
Blacksmith Jasmine has a daily to kill Fadus in Archer Guard Post. Kahlid the node manager at Loopy Tree Forest has 3 more quests to kill Fadus.
Reward: 900 CP / 2 Griffon’s Elixer / 2 Spirit Elixers / 10 potions

Party Kill Quests, Kamasylvia

Rewards:  1.900 CP / 5,5 million in gold ingots / Peridot leaf (30) / Griffons Elixer (4) /Wind-, Water- and Earth Spirit Stone Fragment (3×5)/

Viverza Nodemanager in Manshaum Forest gives out 2 dailies after finished the regular quest. Both to kill Manshaums.
Reward: 400 CP  + 30 peridot leaves

There are three dailies you can pick up from Milden near the pond on the steppes. You need to kill Feather Wolfs,  a Griffon and a Panther. Before you get these dailies, you need to complete the other regular quests on the Steppes.
Rewards: 900 CP + 3 million silver.

Ronansdon’t forget to pick up Marni Stones in Old Wisdom Tree first
There are 6 different daily quests to kill Ronans, you pick them up at Archer Western Camp. One of them requires 600 kills, so they take some time.
Reward: 600 CP / Griffons Elixer (4) / 2.5 million / Wind-, Water- and Earth Spirit Stone Fragment (3×5)/

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