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Black Desert Online
Example of a guild contract in Black Desert Online
Example of a guild contract in

Joining a guild in comes with a lot of advantages. Of course there is the social aspect of making new friends and finding people to party up with for the group content. You can sail to Margoria on the guild ship to kill sea monsters, go to war on an elephant or travel to Kamasylvia where a lot of the regular content only can be done by a party. But you also get a lot of extra buffs for both combat and life skilling and experience bonuses. In order to receive all this, you’ll have to sign an employment contract of a week, fourteen days or a month and you’ll receive a daily salary in return. Here is how we go about it in Rebellicious.

Your salary
When you join Rebellicious you get the starter salary of 30.000 silver. If you participate in guild quests you will earn guild activity points (GAP). You can find them in the roster of the guild menu (G) behind your name. The grey number is the total of your GAP. The green bar is a meter and fills up to 10.000, indicating that we could give you a raise once it is filled. Every time the meter is full, we can – in theory – double your salary. If your meter is maxed out, your GAP stills registers under the total number in grey.

The guild roster in Black Desert Online
The guild roster in

Up until you make 100.000 GAP, we will raise you salary to a maximum of 365.000 silver. How much you’ll get, all depends on how much GAP you earn and how active you are. Once you hit the 100.000 GAP you’ll get 1 million silver a day until you reach the milestone of 200.000 GAP. Then you’ll get 2 million. And so on until you reach 500.000 GAP and will receive the maximum salary of 5.000.000,00 a day.

To pick up your salary, go to the member roster in the guild menu in BDO and use the collect button on the bottom of the roster. If you forget to collect your salary, the system will not save it for you and you won’t get double the amount the next day. So basically: you snooze, you loose.

Guild quests
Guild quest can only be picked up and turned in by officers and the guild master. They get to choose the category (killing, gathering, trading or guild bosses), the size (small, medium, large and extra large) and the region but don’t know the assignment before the quest is accepted. In general we will only do large or extra large killing quests in Valencia and Kamasylvia because those are the only ones that give decent experience and loot for the guild and for the player, and can really help with leveling. These are also the main grinding areas for level 56+.  Players of lower levels will catch up to the higher regions soon enough but for high level players going back to low level mobs is just boring and not worth their time. We only get 5 quests a day. To participate in a guild quest, you have to be on the channel it was accepted on – usually our home channel.  You can check this in the guild menu (G), the third tab.

The extra large quests in Valencia and Margoria give the most experience (24.000 xp) and a lot more then any other region (12.000 xp) or gathering (3000 xp). The Margoria quests involve killing sea monsters on the guild galley and we only will pick them up when we set an event for it on Discord. Please note that the 7 hour quests are usually Basiliks and Centaures in Valencia and the 4+ hour quest in Kamasylvia are Manshaums and Navern Steppe – so it is best to stick to 6 and 3,5 hour quests.

XL Kamasylvia quests, 12.000 experience
Polly’s Forest:  90 – 110 AP / Fadus Habitat: 100 – 180 AP / Navern Steppe*: 190+ AP / Manshaums*: 210+ AP

XL Valencia quests, 24.000 XP
Bashim Base: 100+ AP / Fogans: 110+ AP / Naga’s: 110+ AP / Gahaz Bandits Lair: 130+ AP /Cadry Ruins: 145+ AP /Crescent Shrine: 150+ AP / Centaurs**: 170+ AP / Basilisks Den**: 180+ AP

*4 hour timer instead of 3,5 hour
** 7 hour timer instead of 6 hour

The guild missions tab in Black Desert Online
The guild missions tab in Black Desert Online

The guild quests for guild bosses don’t earn the guild silver and experience, but a boss scroll. Buying those quests is much, much more expensive then normal quests. Boss scrolls can be kept 72 hours in guild vault before they expire. You have to group up and summon a boss in a specific area, for example Omar Lava Cave or Glish Ruins. If the guild raid kills the boss, you get some loot – usually some Grunil, goldbars of 100.000 silver and a very small chance on a Liverto weapon box. We only pick up those quests every so often to introduce newer members to guild bosses. We will announce it about a week upfront in the LFG-channel on Discord, where you’ll also have to sign up in order to make it happen.

If your contract runs out
If your contract runs out, the contract icon behind your name in the member roster will turn blue. If you participate in a guild quest with a blue contract, you will not earn GAP. The guild buffs and perks won’t work for you anymore. So make sure you keep an eye on it and ask an officer for a renewal of contract. A red icon indicates a new contract and can’t be renewed, a yellow one is an active contract and can be renewed.

How a guild gets their funds
Every guild receives a weekly support fund. Depending of the size of the guild, the amount is 100, 200, 300 or 400 million. Completed guild quests give a couple of million as a reward. Killing sea monsters and selling the loot is also a nice way for the guild to make money. Owning a node or a region after winning a node or castle war, gives a guild funds by way of taxes.

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