World Events & Minions

Every year there are lot of nice rewards to obtain during the Seasonal world events like Autumn Harvest, including premium mounts and high end accessories that you can buy with the special event currencies. Usually the shop also offers special event lock boxes for real money. But this is where the minions come in and prevent you from getting your wallet out.

Sending out minions on normal 15 and 8 hour missions, will apart form the mission rewards also earn you Aventurine. This currency you save and use to send the minions on their special 4 hour missions. In this category you will find the special Event mission with titles like Party with the death and graphics in the theme of the event. The event missions give event rewards, including the lock box from the shop. But also event curreny like Harvest signets and other currency bags, dimension items, accessories, mounts, pets, minions etc. So the best strategy with minions is to save your Aventurine to use exclusively during the Seasonal World Events.

If you are new to minions, you’ll find them under shortcut key V. You’ll get 1 slot for free and will have to buy slot 2 – 6 with credits. There is a starters quest for Minions in Meridian and Sanctum. Minion cards will drop as rewards for quests, collections and from Rifts and monsters. You also can buy minions from the auction house and in the shop.

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