Guide: Planar Fragments

Planar Fragments are a new path for character advancement in the expansion Prophecy of Ahnket. You can receive fragments from completing level 65+ Prophecy Content. They drop from anything you do, ranging from questing to raiding. You also can buy them with Notoriety. Planar Fragments come in different rarities and give you extra stats, from Common (white) with only primary stat visible to Relic (orange) with the primary and all 4 secondary stats visible. Every Planar Fragment you collect, will be automatically stored in your Fragment Inventory which you can find in your character sheet (keystroke C).

To equip one, simply go to the tab Planar Fragments and double click the tab. You now see all the available Planar Fragments for this slot and can equip one by dragging it in the slot. Just like the Wardrobe on the bottom of the screen you can buy extra sets with platinum or credits, allowing you to make set for different roles, like tanking, dps, healing or PvP. You can’t remove a Planar Fragment once it is equipped, only overwrite it with a new one.

Upgrading Planar Fragments
Fragments can start out at any rarity, but they all start at infusion level 0. As you level them up, they can change rarities and get more and better stats. They max out at level 15. You pay for the infusion with platinum and planarite, and on higher levels with platinum and planar cores.

In the ‘Planar Fragments’ tab of your character sheet you will see an up arrow next to each planar fragment you have equipped. Clicking the arrow will open up a new UI where you can infuse your planar fragment increasing its level. When you infuse a planar fragment, it doesn’t guarantee that it will move to the next infusion level. It does fill the infusion progression bar a little bit with each infusion until it levels. The infusion also can crit and give you an instant level, regardless of how full the progression bar was.

Picking Best in Slots
There are 14 possible primary stats and each of them has a name associated with it. That name is the same across all planes. But the stats are different for each plane. For example the Planar Fragment Punishing gives crit power. On the Fire Plane and on Infusion level 15, the Planar Fragment Punishing gives +465 crit power, but on the Life and on the Death Plane, the maximum crit power would only be +137.  You will have to carefully pick and choose which Fragments to use and to infuse, especially since it can be a long and expensive process to max a single one out.

Here is a list of the keywords for each primary stat: Intelligence – Enlightened / Wisdom – Sagacious / Dexterity – Nimble / Strength – Mighty /Attack Power – Aggressive / Spell Power – Calculating /Physical Crit – Unerring / Spell Critical Hit – Precise / Crit Power – Punishing / Endurance – Stalwart / Guard – Impenetrable / Block – Unassailable / Dodge – Elusive /Max HP – Vital

What do I do with spare Planar Fragments?
In the Fragment Inventory tab of your character sheet you will see an option to breakdown any of your planar fragments. The materials you get from breaking down a planar fragment are used to infuse other planar fragments when they reach a higher infusion level, so make sure you hang onto them!

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