Valencia coming out

The first part of the Valencia expansion is coming out today. The world will become about 30% larger and the new area is suitable for well geared players of level 55 and higher. Stats of 160+ AP/ 200+DP are advised. This will mean that you have upgrade gear from +15 to +18, which will become possible now.

In the desert your map nor auto path will work and you need a camel to travel through it. Camels can be obtained by exchanging a horse of level 26+ of any tier at any stable master for Imperial Taming Seals. The higher the tier of your horse, the more tokens you will get. Five of them will buy you a camel at stable masters in Valencia. To travel in Valencia you also will need purified water to drink to prevent heat stroke during the day or Star Anise tea at night to battle the cold. You also might want to buy a tent in case you run into a sand storm and need shelter and make sure you have some contribution points to spend on new nodes.

It is recommended to follow the new Black Spirit quest line for Valencia as it rewards a ring with either 7 AP or & 7 DP and a bonus HP or MP/WP/SP stat. You can’t enchant this ring but for a lot of players it will be better then they have. Valencia also brings elephants (mount), wales (hunting), a new world boss, a lot of new best in slot gear and new recipes into the game.

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