Time to move on

I have been playing Rift since beta and been loyal to the game for 5 years. But since the expansion Nightmare Tide was released, I found myself taking longer breaks more often. Sometimes because of my work or social commitments but more often because I simply didn’t feel like playing. Especially since I was forced to play melee in raids on my mage – which I choose to be ranged and magical – there is no fun in raiding for me anymore. I don’t enjoy the mechanics and rotation of the mage melee spec and therefore I fail to master it. So I slowly lost touch with the game and my toons over the past months.

Every so often I checked for new MMO’s but nothing seemed appealing. Until early this week I stumbled upon and was sold within the hour. The videos that I watched revealed the sandbox and open world type of MMO I really enjoy. The graphics are flabbergasting. And what I really love is that guilds can go to war with each other and claim property and have to defend it. I love strategy in a game. The crafting looks amazing and I really like that you can tame horses and build boats. It actually reminds me a lot of Ultima Online, my all time favourite game with much better graphics. They even have the karma system. And a big bonus: I can play it with a controller. Sure, it will be hard to master the entire skill combo’s but I really like that I don’t need to use my keyboard and mouse in combat and to move around. It will be a blast to play it on my huge TV from my couch.

Amazing character customization

I am playing beta at the moment and I am very impressed with how smooth the game play is and with my FPS. Even on high and the game being in beta, I still get around 60 – 80 FPS. I haven’t found any bugs so far and I am very impressed with the character customization. It is huge and you can even make look-a-likes of famous people. A very nice feature is that you can download Character Creator, a program to create your toon(s) outside the game. You don’t even need to buy the game to use it. If you are satisfied with your character, you save the file and then can easy upload it into the game with one button in the customization section. It will give you a fully customised character ready to go.

So yes, I am very excited about BDO and really looking forward to the release date. I am even considering upgrading my pre-order to get 96 instead of 48 hours head start. Early access starts at Sunday, 28th of February. The release date is March, 3.

This website
I got this domain a while ago because I wanted to test if I could create a fully functional guild website in WordPress. That I managed but since I don’t have time nor feel like running a guild in BDO, I joined Sensou, a gaming community for adults on the European shards. So I am using this website as my personal gaming website to I collect information about the game and to blog. At some point I might make it a multisite and add subdomains for guildhosting, but that will be a future project.

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