Planning my first journey

Up to my nose in guides

Preparing and planning is one of the fun parts in the days before the release of a new game. It feels a lot like preparing for a large trip to an unknown country. The map of Black Desert is huge and there is lots of stuff to learn. I am up to my nose in guides to figure out my route and creating a things to do list. Since there is no fast travel, planning and timing are actually very crucial to this game: it can easily take up an hour or more to get from one part of the world to another.

To me it makes the most sense to do all the available quests right from the start. They don’t give experience (only killing stuff does) but they do give important rewards like skill and contribution points, and knowledge for more energy. All of those are needed for renting houses, storage, workers, crafting and trading. It will take me longer to get to the soft level cap of 50 but I feel it is worth it. There is no hard level cap: after level 50 it will take much longer to gain a level but apparently levelling never ends. The skill cap seems to be at 60 at the moment.



I’ll start in the town Olvia and do the beginner quests. I’ll make my rounds and talk to every NPC in order to get my knowledge up. I also will pick up a small trade package from trade administrator to deliver in Veila, the first city I am planning on visiting. This will both help me work on my strength to carry more weight and my trading skill. While questing, I will use my harvest skills as much as possible. It will give me materials for crafting, improve my skills and contribute to my knowledge. On my way to Veila, there are 5 quests I must not miss because they give extra inventory slots. I will also need to earn enough contribution points and silver to spend in Veila.

Western Guard Camp

The route

To accomplish this I will make a stop at Western Guard Camp and pick up all the quests there. After I have done those, I should be level 9 or 10 and I ready to set out for the Forest of Conclusion, a grinding spot. Note to self: don’t forget to clean out the inventory and sell everything you don’t need to free up enough space. Once I am there I am going to invest in this adventure node with contribution points and energy to get more loot from the Tree Spirits. They drop Tree Spirit’s Tokens. I will try to collect 200 of those and exchange them for 25.000 silver coins in Western Guard Camp. This will give me a nice filled wallet to spend in the city. The grinding also will give me experience and with a bit luck I’ll gain a couple of levels.


Early morning in Veila while every is still sleeping and it isn’t crowed at all…

My last stop before Veila will be Loggia Farm to connect to this production node. It is close to the city.  Veila will offer all kinds of new quests, but my first task is to rent housing for workers, hire them and send them to the farm to collect either Wheat, Barley, Corn, Potato or Sweet Potato. Next on the list is renting a house and buy a cooking utensil, which I need for brewing beer. Serving my workers beer will regenerated their action points so they can do more tasks. After that I need to rent warehouse space to store stuff and then I am ready for new adventures.

Veila is as far as I have gotten in beta. I have tested a lot of classes and tried to figure out what to do at at the start but I didn’t want to see too much of the game before release. So I haven’t made any real plans for what comes after Veila. But I am considering to first create an alt and park it in Veila so it can access and manage stuff from there (most stuff you can do in game is account wide) while my main is going to explore more of the world.

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