Not just fluffy cuties

Pets in are not just fluffy cuties but every pet helps you loot, has a special ability and gives a 3% experience bonuses in life or combat skills. The skill your pet gains at level 10 is random. Breeding your pet to a higher tier, will give him a different appearance and often an extra skill. Pets can be bought in the Pearl shop and sometimes you get them as a reward from an event or achievement.


Hawks get finding rare mobs as an extra ability, dogs warn you for PvP flagged enemies and cats help you to find resources while gathering. To access the special menu, right click on the paw icon in screen and the left click on your pet and click the special ability option. You have to feed them or they will stop working for you. Food can be bought at the stable shop or you can cook it yourself.  Once a pet reaches level 10 it will gain an experience buff of 3%. To profit from it, your pet needs to be checked out.


You can breed two pets of the same kind to a higher tier. Tier 1/2 pets have 1 buff, Tier 3 pets have 2 buffs and Tier 4 pets have 3 buffs. Level them to 10 before you breed them for the best result. You will loose the parents and get 1 pet back when you breed with them.


When you breed pets and pick the transferable skill option, your pet offspring will copy over the buffs of that parent. If your offspring happens to advance a tier and gain an additional buff slot, that buff slot will be filled with some random buff. If the parents have good buffs you like to keep, you would pick this option. Otherwise don’t pick any or pick the non-transferable option so you get rolls at new buffs.

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