Manage your energy pool

Having too little energy for all the things you want to do in is a reoccurring sensation, no matter how large your energy pool is. To get the most out of your energy there are a few things you can do.


First of all: make an alt for every character slot you have. The energy pool is family bound so if your main has a 100 energy, all alts have it too. It takes 24 hours to delete a character, so it is worthwhile to pick classes, looks and names you really like in case you would want to play them in the future. New classes will be announced ahead so you’ll have time enough to free up a slot.


Bring every alt to the alchemist in Veila. You’ll find him at the large building across from the market place where he talks to some NPC’s. He will exchange 50 energy for a bottle of 10 energy, 100 energy for a bottle of 20 energy and 150 energy for a bottle of 30 energy. So you literary can milk your alts for energy and store it at the warehouse for another character to use. Of course this trade only is worthwhile if you are not using your alts for a specific life skill or to invest in adventure nodes for better loot if you are the grinding type of player. It takes a full day to restore 24 energy of offline characters, so depending on how large your pool is, you can do this a few times per week.


Energy regain

  • 1 energy every 3 minutes (20 per hour)
  • 2 energy every 3 minutes if resting in a regular bed (40 per hour)
  • 3 energy every 3 minutes if resting in a cash shop bed (60 per hour)
  • 1 energy per hour if offline


Needless to say that it increasing your energy pool is really worth the effort. You can do this by gaining more knowledge in Black Desert Online. You gain knowledge with everything you do: killing mobs, exploring, questing, gathering, crafting new stuff, buying and using trade items. If you complete a chapter of knowledge, you get an energy reward. Earning titles also gives energy rewards. And then there are quests that give energy restore as a reward but since those are mostly life skill quests that require energy to complete, they are often only worthwhile if you are training that specific skill.

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