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One of the many things I really like about BDO is that you can profit from being AFK and make good use of the time you can’t play. I already am looking forward to coming to the game after a day’s work and find my inventory full of the fish I caught with automatic fishing. Here is a list I found on the internet with things you can do while being away from your keyboard.


You can set up your character to automatically fish whilst you are AFK. Buy a fishing rod from a dock manager or fishing merchant and equip it. Go to any river, lake or sea coast then press the “space” key to automatically fish. This will allow you to catch something every 5 minutes (with the starter fishing rod). It is a lot slower than actively fishing yourself, but is a great way to earn some money whilst you are AFK. You can also check the tick box at the top to throw away useless items. Fishing does take up a lot of inventory space so make sure you clear as much of it before you start fishing. Also double check your weight limit isn’t close to being full before you go AFK. You will stop fishing if your fishing rod runs out of durability, you run out of inventory space, or are overweight.


As mentioned above, you can train your stamina (breath) and strength whilst you are AFK by setting up an autorun loop.


You can train your horse level whilst AFK by setting up an autorun loop. Make sure you also tick the box underneath the horse’s health and stamina to auto-use carrots.


You really should be using your workers to collect materials or craft for you whenever they can, but you can also set them a list of things to do whilst you are AFK. Even if you log out, your workers will carry on with their current job until it is finished, but they will not start work on the next one. (The boss turns his back for one second and they take a break! Typical…)


If you’re only going to be away for 5-10 minutes, you can take this opportunity to process any materials you need for crafting. It will burn through your vigor and you’ll run out quickly so if you’re planning to be away for longer then it’s better to do something else such as Fishing, sleeping in a bed, training stats or training horses.


If you are low on vigor you can sleep in a bed placed in your house to regain your vigor faster.


If you’re only going to be away for 5-10 minutes, you can set up an autopath to where you need to be and travel in that time. Using an auto path is slower than controlling the horse/character yourself, but if you’re going to be AFK anyway then it’s really useful.

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