Let’s talk about gamepads

One of the amazing things about is that the developers actually managed to make this MMO suitable for a gamepad. I have tried it in beta and it works like a charm. I love that I can play such a complicated game in lazy lounge mode.

Truth to be told: not everything works with the controller. Chatting for one is impossible without a keyboard so I’ll heavely rely on voice chat. I don’t expect it to be an issue since the guild uses Teamspeak, there is no player to player trading/selling and major events are announced on the screen. Also, in beta the beginner quests not aways worked with the gamepad. Sometimes they did, sometimes I had to go back to the keyboard. But as soon as I passed the trainings dummies, it worked fine.

However, I am not saying that using the controller in is very easy. It takes a bit of efford to learn all the options and combinations for the different functions and especially for the combat skills and their combo’s. It does come with an on screen tutorial though, pointing out the available skills with the correct controller keys. And it pays off because it makes moving around and fighting feel some much more smooth and natural. I even managed to dance at the performance of a band in Veila.

I am using a Logitech wireless gamepad but if you have one from a console like Playstation or Xbox, they are supposed to work as well. To activate it, go to settings in the main menu in BDO and click active gamepad. That’s all there is to it. You can still switch between mouse and gamepad by pressing the control button or the back button on the gamepad.

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