Grey isn’t always just grey

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In there might be more to the grey loot you collect from killing trash mobs. Don’t just vendor it off for a handful of silver coins but take a closer look. Often if traded with a specific NPC your useless item turns out to be pretty valuable.

Already at level 9 – 13 you can grind for Three Spirit’s Tokens that drop from Three Spirits in the Forest of Seclusion. If you turn them in, 20 pieces will give you 2,500 silver instead of 1040 silver (52 silver a piece). Just make sure you bring them to the NPC in batches of 20 or 200 (25.000 silver). There a lots of different grinding spots in BDO. Don’t forget to ensure you got enough inventory- and storage space before you head out. Paying the node manager a visit at the location (node) and invest some contribution points and energy is a good idea if you want more – not necessarily better – loot.

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