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Character Creation is something else in Black Desert and one of the reasons it truly deserves the title next generation MMO. There is an insane amount of options in the customization tool, even allowing the more artistic player to create look a likes of famous people.

Creating a character can easily become a project of a couple of hours. Luckily, you can save your customization files while you work on them and even reload them in another character of the same class. Therefore it is possible to create and share presets.

Unfortunately Daum Games decided to close the special Character Creator after the final beta test. But if you really wanted to create your own presets before the release of Black Desert Online, you could download the Russian version of the game. Or you can do what I did and surf to this, this, this or this website and download the presets of your liking.

Since those websites are either in Russian or Korean, it might be tricky to figure out which class the presets are for. But the translate option of Google helps a lot. I did notice that witch and sorceress tend to get mixed up a lot. Also there are some classes that are not yet in upcoming release. You might want to scan the files before unzipping them. Most files are called the same so in order not to overwrite them and to tell them apart, you must rename them.

Once you downloaded the game, save them in your game folder Black Desert/ Customization. You can now load the files in the customization screen. Before you send your characters into the world of Black Desert, consider altering them a bit by changing their hair, make up and eyes. Otherwise you might run into players that also look like Brad Pitt, Barack Obama or Jon Snow.



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