Cooking: basic recipes

To start with cooking you need to rent a house and to place a cooking utensil in it, which can be bought for about 1000 silver coins from a food merchant. Ingredients you either have to buy from a food merchant, gather, fish up, grow on your farm or cook from other ingredients.

Icon Result Ingredients Use
Cereals Juice Press “L” and use “Simple Cooking” to cook Mineral Water and Wheat, Barley, Corn,Potato OR Sweet Potato x3 HP Potion +75
Concentrated Cereals Juice Press “L” and use “Simple Alchemy” to cook Cereals Juice x3 HP Potion +125
Enriched Cereals Juice Press “L” and use “Simple Alchemy” to cook Concentrated Cereals Juice x3 HP Potion +200
Advanced Carrot Juice Premium Carrot x1, Sugar x3, Flour x3, Mineral Water x4 Horse HP +200
Teuksangpum carrot juice Top Quality Carrot x1, Sugar x3, Flour x3, Mineral Water x4 Horse HP +300
Good Food (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x6, Flour x4, Mineral Water x3, Dried Fish x2  Pet food +40 recovery
Organic Food (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x5,Dried Fish x4, Chicken Meat x4, Oatmeal x2  Pet food +70 recovery
Beer Sugar x1, Leavening Agent x2, Mineral Water x6, (Wheat/Barley/Corn/Potato/Sweet Potato) x5 Worker recovers 2 action points
Oatmeal Milk x3, Onions x3, Edible Honey x2, Flour x9 Worker recovers 5 action points
Fish Fillet Chips Flour x7, Salt x2, White Sauce x3, Dried Fishx2 Worker recovers 5 action points
Cheese Pie Cheese x7, Butter x3, Egg x3, Dough x5 Worker recovers 7 action points
Exotic Grain Wine Dough x3, Constant of Alcohol x1, Leavening Agent x2, Mineral Water x5 Fishing speed +1 for 30 minutes
Aloe Yogurt Aloe x5, Milk x2, Leavening Agent x3, Sugarx3 Fishing speed +1 for 30 minutes
Fruit Wine Constant of Alcohol x3, Exotic Grain Wine x1, Mineral Water x2, (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x5 Fishing speed +1 for 60 minutes
Soft Bread Dough x6, Leavening Agent x2, Egg x2, Milk x3 Max stamina +100 for 30 minutes
Lizard Kebab Lizard Meat x6, Red Sauce x2, (Wheat/Barley/Corn/Potato/Sweet Potato) x6, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x4,Onions x4 Max stamina +100 for 30 minutes
Meat Pie (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x4, Dough x6, Sugar x3, Olive Oil x2 Max stamina +200 for 60 minutes
Desert Dumplings Lizard Meat x6, Dough x6, Cinnamon x1, Olive Oil x2 Max stamina +200 for 60 minutes
Fried Fish Dried Fish x2, Deep Frying Oil x2, Flour x3 Movement Speed +1 for 30 minutes
Live Fish Salad Dried Fish x4, Dressing x2, Onions x3, Cheese x2 Movement Speed +1 for 60 minutes
Meat Sandwich Soft Bread x1, (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x7, Cheese x3, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x6 Movement Speed +1, Max Stamina +200 for 90 minutes
Grain Soup (Wheat/Barley/Corn/Potato/Sweet Potato) x6, Mineral Water x3, Salt x1, Cooking Wine x3 Gathering Speed +1 for 30 minutes
Pickles (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x8, Vinegar x4, Leavening Agent x2, Sugar x2 Gathering Speed +1 for 60 minutes
Steamed Fish Dried Fish x2, Garlic x2, Mineral Water for Cooking x3, Salt x2 Accuracy +4 for 30 minutes
Aloe Cookies Aloe x5, Dough x7, Edible Honey x3, Sugar x4 Accuracy +4 for 30 minutes
Steamed Seafood Dried Seafood x4, Dough x5, Cooking Winex3, Garlic x3 Accuracy +6 for 60 minutes
Fruit Juice Sugar x3, Mineral Water x5, Saltx1, (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x4 Max MP +30 for 30 minutes
Scented Tea (Rose/Tulip/Sunflower) x4, Mineral Water x7, Edible Honey x3, (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x4 Max MP +50 for 60 minutes
Meat Stew Flour x2, Mineral Water x3, Cooking Winex2, (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x5 Max HP +30 for 30 minutes
Steak (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x8, Saltx3, Black Pepper x1, Garlic x2, Red Sauce x2  Max HP +50 for 60 minutes
Vegetable Tempura Deep Frying Oil x6, Dough x4, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x4, Egg x2  HP Regen +2 for 30 minutes
New Fish Fry Chicken Meat x7, Egg x2, Flour x4, Black Pepper x3  HP Regen +5 for 60 minutes
Grilled Sausages (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x6,Onion x1, Black Pepper x2, Salt x2  Damage +1 for 30 minutes
Life Saeal Mineral Water x6, Egg x3, Salt x1,  Cooking Wine x1  Damage +1 for 30 minutes
Chops (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x7,Based Sources x2, Onion x2, Chili x4  Damage +2 for 60 minutes
Ham Sandwich Soft Bread x2, Grilled Sausages x2, Egg x4, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x5  Damage +3, Accuracy +8 for 90 minutes
Dark Pudding Oatmeal x1, Pickles x1, Chicken Meat x5, Pig Blood x7 Damage +3, Damage against human race +2 for 90 minutes
Melt Butter Dried Seafood x2, Butter x3, Salt x2, Olive Oilx1 Attack Speed +1 for 30 minutes
Smoked Fish Steaks Dried Fish x4, Olive Oil x3, Salt x3 Attack Speed +1 for 60 minutes
Cheese Gratin Grilled Sausages x1, Cheese x3, Dough x5, Red Sauce x3, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x4 Attack Speed +1, Max HP +70 for 90 minutes
Seafood Salad with Mushrooms Dried Seafood x2, Mushrooms x3, Dressing x2 Weight limit +20 for 30 minutes
Meat Pasta (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x5, Dough x4, Garlic x2, Black Pepper x3 Weight limit +40, Max Stamina +200 for 60 minutes
Honeycomb Cookies Edible Honey x6, Egg x2, Dough x4, Milk x4 Weight limit +50, Fishing Speed +1 for 90 minutes
Stir-fried Vegetables (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x5,Chili x2, Olive Oil x2, Salt x1 Jumping Height for 30 minutes
Fruit Pudding (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x5, Cream x1, Milk x3, Sugar x2 MP Regen +2 for 30 minutes
Fruit and Vegetable Salad Vinegar x2, (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x4, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x4, Cooking Wine x4 MP Regen +5 for 60 minutes
Steamed Fowl Chicken Meatx5, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x3,Salt x2, Vinegar x2, Constant of Alcohol x2 Experience +3% for 60 minutes
Meat Croquet (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x8, Flour x5, Deep Frying Oil x4, Egg x2, Cheese x2 Experience +5% for 90 minutes
Milk Tea Scented Tea x2, Edible Honey x3, Milk x3, Flour x2 Experience +8%, MP Regen +5 for 90 minutes
Bar Snacks Cheese x3, New Fish Fry x1, Dried Seafoodx4, (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x5 Crafting Experience +5% for 90 minutes
Can Techa Scented Tea x2, Milk x3, Salt x1, Butter x2 Crafting Experience +8% for 90 minutes
Seafood Stir-fry Dried Seafood x2, White Sauce x2, Chilix2, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x4 Casting Speed +1 for 30 minutes
Seafood Pasta Dried Seafood x4, Dough x5, Cooking Winex3, Garlic x3 Casting Speed +1 for 60 minutes
Fruit Pie Dough x6, (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x6, Cream x3, Sugar x4 Casting Speed +1, Max MP +70 for 90 minutes
Meat Soup Mineral Water x5, (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x5, Black Pepper x3, Cream x2 Critical Strike +1 for 30 minutes
Fish Soup Flour x3, Dried Fish x2, Cream x2, Mineral Water x6 Critical Strike +1 for 60 minutes
Omelette (Wheat/Barley/Corn/Potato/Sweet Potato) x5, Egg x5, Olive Oil x2, Salt x2 Defense +2 for 60 minutes
Honey Week Edible Honey x3, Sugar x2, Mineral Water x6, Syrup x2 Defense +2 for 60 minutes
Meat Salad (Any meat except Lizard and Chicken) x8, Dressing x4, Black Pepper x3, Vinegar x2 Defense +3, HP Regen +5 for 90 minutes
Pickled Fish Dried Fish x2, Vinegar x3, Salt x4, Leavening Agent x2 Familiarity +5% for 60 minutes
Bor Flats Cinnamon x1, Dried Pig Meat x2, Milk x3, Mineral Water x2 Strength +10 for 60 minutes
  Steamed Whale Meat King Whale Meat x1, Edible Honey x1, Salt x2,Garlic x4, Mineral Water x6 Damage Reduction +2, Evasion +8 for 75 minutes
  Whale Meat Salad King Whale Meat x1, Egg x3, Cabbage x6,Black Pepper x3, Dressing x2 Experience +10%, Strength +10 for 75 minutes
Gaziantep Bread Gaziantep Powder x5, Mineral Water x3,Leavening Agent x2, Salt x2 Cooking/Alchemy Time Reduction +3% for 110 minutes
Gaziantep Sandwich Gaziantep Bread x1, Grilled Scorpion x1, African Snake Stew x1, Red Sauce x3 Cooking/Alchemy speed +5% for 110 minutes
Date Palms Wine Dates x5, Constant of Alcohol x2, Sugar x1,Leavening Agent x4 +4 Evasion for 90 minutes
Jungle Hamburger Gaziantep Bread x4, Pickles x2, Lion Meat x4,Nutmeg x3 Stun Resistance +3%, Critial Damage +20% for 110 minutes
African Snake Stew Snake Meat x3, Frica x6, Parca x2, Mineral Water x5 Worker recovers 5 action points
Millet African Snake Stew x1, Dough x6, Nutmeg x3, (Pumpkin/Tomato/Cabbage/Paprika) x4 Processing Success Rate +5% for 110 minutes
Grilled Scorpion Scorpion Meat x3, Butter x2, Nutmeg x3, Chillix3 Damage Reduction 10% for 90 minutes
Fig Pie Fig x5, Dough x3, Sugar x3, Olive Oil x2 +3% chance of Picking for 60 minutes
Pistachio Rice Pistachio x4, Gaziantep x6,Cinnamon x2, Salt x2 Processing Success Rate +3% for 90 minutes
Coconut Cocktails Coconuts x2, Exotic Grain Wine x1, (Apple/Grapes/Strawberry) x1, Constant of Alcohol x2, Mineral Water x5 Reduced automatic Fishing time +5% for 60 minutes
Coconut Pasta Coconuts x2, Onions x2, Dough x5, Garlic x4, White Sauce x1 Heat stroke and Hypothermia Resistance +10% for 60 minutes
Fried Coconut Fish Coconuts x3, Dried Fish x1, Egg x2, Dough x3,Deep Frying Oil x4 Movement Speed +1, Critical Strike +1 for 60 minutes
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